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First prize for landscape project design
'6000 years Blaricummermeent'

At the borders of Blaricum and adjacent to the Gooimeer the project De Blaricummermeent is being developed. This is a large development project of which the full implementation has been severely delayed as a result of the economic crisis. This has resulted in Wachtend Land (Waiting Land), temporary wasteland with opportunities for temporary use! The contest for developing plans for this waiting land results in the combination of history, art, bees and trees at the squares in the Blaricummermeent! (

ARGEOgraph designed in cooperation with Pica Archeologie a plan, inspired on previous results of archaeological investigations by Maaike de Waal and Kirsten Leijnse (as RAAP Archeologisch Adviesbureau employees) in the Blaricummermeent. These investigations had revealed an intact Pleistocene landscape that had been used intensively during the Stone Age. The project design, aimed at education and recreation to remember and experience this past landscape use. ARGEOgraph and Pica Archeologie won the first prize in the category non-profit/non-student with their project '6000 years Blaricummermeent'.

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